Carpet Stain Removal

Green T has carpet stain removal services for all types of stains. Our carpet stain removal products are non-toxic, bio-degradable, citrus based, and safe for people and pets. We apply a free pre-spray degreaser mix to high traffic areas with all carpet cleaning services. Our carpet stain removers are citrus based gels that contain different acting agents to target different types of stains. Green T can remove pet stains, food stains, and any other stain that ends up on your carpets.

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To ensure thorough carpet stain removal, Green T will clean and sanitize the area where the stain was with our machines that clean with hot water extraction. Hot water extraction is the method of cleaning carpets with water above 200 degrees Fahrenheit. The heat of the water destroys bacteria and pathogens on contact and sterilizes the carpet. We also offer a FourguardĀ® treatment for an additional fee which adds a protective layer on carpets to help prevent stains and dirt from setting into the carpet. Talk to a Green T cleaning professional about our carpet stain removal treatments.

Green T Carpet Stain Removal Services

Throughout the year, carpets collect debris such as dirt, dust, allergens, germs, and other bacteria that can build up deep in the fibers. Having your carpets professionally cleaned at least once a year will help prevent this debris from building up and eventually contaminating the breathing air of your home.

At Green T, we use the environmentally friendly method of hot water extraction to thoroughly clean and sanitize carpets. With this method, our state-of-the-art machines spray hot water deep into the carpet fibers to remove bacteria and other debris and then extract the water back out. The water is heated to between 220-230 degrees F which helps remove debris and is hot enough to sanitize the carpet.

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