Tile Cleaning & Grout Cleaning

Green T offers professional tile and grout cleaning in Aurora, Naperville and Chicago area so you can completely eliminate dirt, bacteria, and residue build-up!

Look at the difference a good cleaning can make!

Our professionals use a specially designed cleaning system that can remove deeply embedded soil from the grout lines that can’t be removed with traditional cleaning methods.

Areas of tile and grout are among the toughest and most challenging areas of a home to properly clean. Normal mopping just pushes dirt around and leaves a detergent residue in the grout lines that could cause the original sealant to break down and attract even more dirt.

Let Green T do the hard work for you!

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Cleaning Process

The powerful extraction system used by Green T to clean tile and grout incorporates heat, cleaning agents, a vacuum, and a high-pressure rinse.

This system is used to apply the cleaning agents which loosen deeply embedded soil from the grout lines and high-pressure hot water that steam rises the cleaning agents and dirt from the grout. The enclosed vacuum machine is then used to extract the hot water and cleaning agents while leaving ceramic, porcelain, and grout surfaces clean.

This cleaning process is effective for tile and grout surfaces such as kitchen floors, bathroom floors, shower walls, entryways, hallways, sunrooms, and countertops among others. Our tile and grout cleaning services will remove the dirt from your tile and protect the grout for that brand new look.

Tile and Grout Cleaning

In addition to effective tile and grout cleaning, each tile and grout job from Green T includes a free grout sealant application. Over time, the grout seal wears off and invites more dirt that can permanently stain the grout if ignored. Applying new grout sealant after a professional cleaning will keep the grout protected from dirt and make it easier to maintain between cleanings.

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  • Free grout sealant application included with every job
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