Google’s Mobile Friendly Update – Protect Your Website Traffic

Google’s Mobile Friendly Update – Protect Your Website Traffic

The largest (and arguably the most unavoidable) Google Algorithm update has occurred today – Google’s Mobile-Friendly Update. This update will penalize websites that do not have a mobile website on searches performed from a mobile device.


If you rank for search terms (services, products, etc) online…

And you do not have a mobile website…

After April 21st, you will be ranking worse (or not at all) on a mobile device for those terms.

How important is it really to be mobile friendly?

Massively. Although you may feel like people do not view your website on a mobile device, it doesn’t make it true. While this can vary depending on the industry and purpose of the website, here at Green T Marketing we deal with a lot with local businesses, multi-city organizations, and eCommerce businesses (sound familiar?), and I am seeing consistent numbers indicating that mobile visits account for approximately 25%+ of total traffic.

Google Analytics Mobile Visitors

Can you afford to lose 25% of your website traffic?

What does mobile-friendly mean?

Mobile-friendly means that your website will display correctly on smaller, mobile devices. “Correctly” basically means that the screen will fit the device so that you can read text clearly (without scrolling side to side) and it’s easy to navigate.

Desktop View:

Green T Marketing - Desktop

Mobile Optimized:

Green T Marketing - Mobile

Not Mobile:

Green T Marketing - Not Mobile

How do I know if I am mobile friendly?

If you manage your Google Webmaster Tools account and get alerts for website problems you would have been notified that your website has errors with an email that looked something like this:

Google Webmaster Tools Error

Google also provided a manual tool to easily check mobile-friendliness is Google’s Mobile-Friendly Test.

Google Mobile Friendly Test

Simply type in the URL in question and Google will tell you, after a quick analysis, if they deem your website mobile-friendly or not.

I failed the mobile-friendly test, now what?

Get a mobile website! Google has mentioned that this update will be “significant.”

Need help?

If you are having trouble determining whether your website is ready for this update or you need mobile-friendly website, contact our team at Green T Marketing so we can get you set up.

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