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Get a lead generation website specially designed to drive more leads to your business.

Lead generationEvery business is always looking for more leads. Get a website designed for you that is lead-focused; designed and written with its mission to convert your visitors into leads.

Many websites have a lot of different goals. They want to brand your business. They can act as an online brochure packed with product and service information. They have news and blog posts, newsletter sign ups, galleries, coupons, multiple services and products offered.

Over time websites get updated with more pages, more images, more special offers. Different people, departments, and designers all have things they want to have added to the site. It can start to become disorganized and bloated.

We offer you lead generation websites that are focused on turning visitors into customers. 

Green T Home Services Lead Generation Website

Lead Generation Website

These are simplified websites where every page is a landing page created to inform the visitor, give them what they are looking for quickly and capture the lead.

No news. No photos of recent events. No blog posts. Just simple focused information that potential customers are looking for. Every page is built as a landing page.

Pre-qualified traffic is driven to the website from highly focused pay-per-click advertising campaigns.

Search visitors who have already expressed interest and buying intent are filtered to your lead generation site which has been built to be fast, clear and free of distractions.

What are the benefits of a lead generation website?

  • Higher conversion rates
  • Fewer distractions
  • Fast loading
  • Mobile friendly
  • Pages built to capture leads for specific keyword searches

Our experience has shown that a lead generation website built especially for PPC advertising will convert at very high rates. We have tested identical ads that point to two different sites: the original company website and the lead generation website.

The lead generation website routinely converts at double and triple the rate of the original website, even for the exact same ads. A dedicated lead generation site strips away all the other distractions and is highly focused. Because of this, they always convert better.


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Image at top left “4 Tricks To Master The Magic Of Modern Lead Generation” by Joe The Goat Farmer is licensed under CC BY 2.0