Mobile Location Data Unreliable in Google Analytics on Data

Mobile Location Data Unreliable in Google Analytics on Data

I wanted to check the functionality of a tracking code on a webpage today, and since our IP address is filtered from registering on Google Analytics, I turned off Wi-Fi and visited the webpage. When I opened up Real Time Analytics to check if the code was functioning correctly, I noticed some disconcerting information, my location was showing out of New York.

Mobile LTE Google Analytics Location Data

And I am not located in New York. Far from it actually, in the suburbs of Chicago.

Green T Marketing Location

I double checked my IP address and location to see if there was possibly an error through Google Analytics and it was confirmed, my location was registering from Brooklyn, New York:

Phone IP Address Location

I guess I highly underestimated this warning…

Wi-Fi Accuracy

I checked a few other phones at the office and noticed that this incident is not isolated to New York either, Philadelphia also came up. While this is bad for national clients that track location data, there is a silver lining. Local based clients that may look at traffic from New York and Philadelphia as worthless (and it happens…), we now have definitive data that shows that local mobile visitors can make up this group.

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