Pay Per Click Advertising (PPC)

Pay per click, or PPC advertising, are campaigns in which a search engine is paid for placement on their search result page (or SERP). These ads display either on the top of the search results page or on the side (denoted by area highlighted below):

Pay Per Click Advertising Areas

PPC is charged at a specified rate per click (or visitor) to the site from the search engine. The rate depends on the popularity of the keywords chosen to rank for and how relevant your website is determined for that keyword. While this is an immediate means to be found for a search term, each click is a set charged amount.

PPC Campaign Management

Green T Marketing has Google Adwords Certified individuals and is fully capable of creating new PPC campaigns or managing existing campaigns for the best return on your advertising dollar. Since PPC is more immediate and SEO is generally more gradual, pairing a new SEO plan with PPC advertising is a great solution for short term search results with long term goals. In addition, SEO actually helps your PPC campaign quality score, allowing your site to place higher for a keyword at a lower price.


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