SSL Certificate HTTPS Migration Service

Secure SEO Friendly HTTPS Migration

We offer you SSL Certificates and HTTPS migration for your website so you can meet the current Google standards for secure websites.

Green T Marketing will purchase and install your SSL Certificate and then perform HTTPS migration for your website so you don’t have to deal with the technical hassle of doing this for your business website.

Protect your current SEO rankings by having our experienced SEO team and developers migrate your website to HTTPS according to Google recommendations and best practices.

Why do I need an SSL Certificate?

SSL Certificates are small data files that digitally bind a cryptographic key to an organization’s details. When installed on a web server, it activates the padlock icon and the https protocol, allowing secure connections from a web server to a users browser.

If your website does not have an SSL certificate, every person who enters a credit card number, email address or even their name into a contact form on your website will receive a warning from Google telling them that your website is an unsecured connection.

How Chrome displays http form fields

This will have dramatic effects on your business. Many people will never fill out any form that Google tells them is insecure. If you do not have an SSL certificate, this will decrease the number of people who buy from your website, sign up for mailing lists, fill out forms, and perform many actions important to your bottom line. 


Not only will users abandon your website, Google has indicated that unsecured HTTP website search engine rankings may go down. They are using website security as a ranking factor and if your website is not secure, Google will not rank it as highly. Your website will begin to lose visitors from search engines.

This new policy goes into effect in October 2017.

Why do I need HTTPS migration?

HTTPS Secure Website in Chrome browser

When you purchase an SSL certificate, your website needs to be correctly configured to provide secure connections. The “http” part of your website address in the web browser will change to “https”. When done correctly, you will begin to see the padlock icon in the browser bar, indicating that your website is secure and hackers cannot steal people’s information they have entered in a contact form.

If not done correctly, the change from HTTP to HTTPS could cause Google to view your existing website pages as brand new addresses. Because of this, you can lose many of the search engine rankings that your website has built up over time.

Your search rankings in Google and other search engines can drop, your website traffic will go down and you will get few visitors and sales.

Your web host or developer can help you with this process, but if they are not experienced in SEO, simple mistakes that could have been avoided will hurt your website rankings.

Instead of suffering through a website and search engine update that decreases your visitors and hurts your sales, let our experienced team at Green T Marketing help you safely perform this transfer.

Contact a Green T Professional today to learn how we can help with your SSL Certificate and HTTPS Migration.

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