Measure Your Next Direct Mail Campaign With These 6 Tips

Measure Your Next Direct Mail Campaign With These 6 Tips

A company can improve and learn when utilizing a marketing campaign. Below are 6 tips to help you succeed. A number of popular methods will make certain your path to improved results is made clearer. With activation codes, QR codes, social media and more, you can fine-tune the efforts of your direct mail.


Lead generation

1: Personal URL (PURL)

Unique visits, sessions, and page views the site amasses will directly correlate to your campaign, so dedicating a personalized website to your direct mail campaign is a great way to.  Adding a form to your PURL is another step you can take to allow customers to share their information, then measure the number of responses you get.

2: QR Code

By scanning the easy-to-use QR codes, you can connect with customers, allowing them to access a special PURL, where you can measure their web activity, or track their activity through the QR code companies themselves.

3: Business Reply Card

Adding a pre-paid, coded business reply card to your direct mail is another popular marketing method. This makes it easy for customers to respond to direct mail campaigns. You will be able to gain valuable leads and customer information, as well as measure the number of responses you get.

4: 1-800 Number

The in coming call volume can be measured and reviewed after the customers call in for special offers or more information about your products. Include this exclusive number that is used for the campaign in the direct mail.

5: Unique Offer or Activation Codes

Using variable data printing, in-store or online offers with individualized activation codes can help aid in tracking how many codes shoppers use, where and for what products. Printing different images and copy in direct mailings allows your company to determine which content is the most successful at driving sales.

6: Social Media

Social media accounts should always be included on the mailers. Use the analytics tool on each media site to track the up-tick of new fans and followers once they’re sent and the campaign begins.


You have the opportunity to refine your strategy by measuring the direct mail campaign.

You can understand the strength of a campaign by adding one or more tactics to the mailer.

You can also use the information to make the next years marketing strategy

even more potent.





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