How to Use Google Posts to Promote Your Business

How to Use Google Posts to Promote Your Business

How to Use Google Posts

Are you wondering how to use the new “Google Posts” feature in Google My Business? If you haven’t used Google Posts yet, it’s worth adding to your online marketing tasks in order to support your branding and entice potential customers with special offers. 

In this article, we’ll go over the step by step process of how to make your first Google Post.

Google Post listing for Green T Marketing

What are Google Posts?

Google Posts is a feature that is available for all Google My Business users in June of 2017. It allows businesses to create content in GMB that will appear in Google search results when users search for your business name.

For example, when someone searches for “Green T Marketing”, one of the results will be the Google My Business result in the right column. 

You can see in the image to the left what the Green T Marketing search result in Google looks like. This is almost the same type of result you will see when you search for any business by name.

It is all powered by Google My Business. If you’re listing doesn’t look like this, then you need to claim your Google My Business profile and update your information and add some good photos.

The difference between this listing and the average one is that it also includes a Google Post update & promotional image. As you can see, it grows the size of your listing and adds more text and an image to your listing.

This makes your business listing stand out even more. It can help you brand your business listing. You can add an eye-catching image and promote a special offer to potential customers. All these things are good for your business and could result in more leads or revenue for your company.

How to create a Google Post

Creating a Google Post is actually quite easy! You could easily do it yourself if you don’t already have a marketing team or an online marketing company you’re working with. 

1. Log in to your Google My Business account. 

2. Click “Manage Location” under “Locations”. Please note: you can create multiple posts for each physical location if you want.

Manage Locations - Google My Business dashboard

3. Go to the left-hand menu and choose “Posts”. Currently, it has a very obvious NEW alert bubble that makes it almost impossible to miss.

Google My Business Menu

4. A box will open with a “Write your post” field.

Create your Google Post

5. Click on “Write your post” and begin creating your Google Post. We highly recommend that you include an image with your post to make it stand out. An image will definitely get more impressions and clicks in Google.

Google Post - Create your post here

The images should be scaled at 400×300 pixels. You can upload other image sizes but then you will have to crop it or Google will crop it for you. Using a 4×3 ratio for the image will ensure you can fit all the information in the frame.

6. Click the camera icon to add an image

7. Click “Write your post” to begin writing the text portion of your post.

8. (Optional) Click “Make this post an event” button if you are promoting an in-store sale or another event. This allows you to add a date to your Google Post. 

Google Post - create an event post

9. Click add a button to have the post click through to your website or landing page. 

Google Post add a button

By adding a button to your Google Post you create a call to action that allows the user to take an action that helps support your business goals: Make a reservation, sign up to a mailing list, make a purchase or redeem a special offer.

10. Click the blue “PREVIEW” text on the very top right of the post you’ve created to view the draft of your post for accuracy. Don’t forget to re-read it and check for typos!

11. After you have viewed the preview post, the text on the top right will have changed to “PUBLISH”. If you’re ready, then hit the button and publish your Google Post. POOF! Done.

Preview of your Google Post

12. Once your post is has been published, you can view your post in the dashboard under Posts. All of your posts will be listed there. 

Your Google Posts in Dashboard

13. Click on the “Posted just now” to see a pop-up preview of your post. Click the “VIEW” button in the bottom right-hand corner to be delivered right to the Google search results page and see your live Google Post.

View your Google Post

The post live as it appears to Google users. Our previous post is visible and the new one is next to it:

Google Post live - Green T Marketing

And that’s it. You can have your first Google post up in just a few minutes. Promote your newest blog post, a special offer or a new product. It’s easy and it’s free.

Bonus tip: Add UTM tracking code to your landing page URL so you can track Google Post traffic in Google Analytics.

Benefits of Google Posts

  • Increase the visibility of your profile
  • Send visitors right to a landing page
  • Share daily specials or current promotions
  • Promote events at your place of business
  • Show off your top products
  • Promote new products and services
  • Promote your newest blog post
  • Promote your mailing list and get new signups
  • Send visitors to your reservations page
  • Send visitors to your menu page
  • They’re free!

These are a few of the ways we’ve used it so far but certainly not all of the things you could do with Google Posts. 

Frequently Asked Questions

How long do Google Posts show for?

Google Posts will only show in Google search results for 7 days. After that, they will disappear from search results. The posts will still be in your Google My Business dashboard though.

What size image should I use for Google posts?

400 X 300 pixels

How many Google Posts can I have at one time?

You can share up to 10 Google Posts at one time but only the most recent two posts will be visible on Google unless a user clicks the arrow button to scroll through them all. 

Can I delete a Google Post I’ve made?

Yes, you can. Just click at the bottom of the post you want to delete in your archive of posts. It will open a preview of the post and you can click the blue “Delete” button at the bottom right.

Can I post an animated GIF?

That sure would be cool, but no, you cannot post an animated GIF at this time. 

Will Google Posts help my SEO?

There don’t appear to be direct SEO benefits of using Google Posts at this time. The posts do have unique URLs so that you can share them in social media but they are not being indexed by Google. The posts are not showing currently for any searches other than brand name based searches. Stuffing your post full of keywords will not cause your post to show in search results. 

Can I schedule Google Posts ahead of time? 

That would be a handy feature but no, you cannot schedule Google posts at this time.

Can I view the number of impressions for my post?

Yes, you can. View your list of posts in the dashboard. The number of impressions is listed towards the bottom left side next to the eye icon.

Google Posts number of views

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